Rules Regulation

It is the student’s responsibility to complete the program into which student is admitted and to fulfill requirement for the respective degree as determined by the advisor.

Regular attendance in classes and other academic activities are mandatory.

Faculty members are authorized to withdraw students from a course for more than three days’ absence, inattention, or disruptive behavior.

Grade will be assigned for all courses into which a student registers. But grade earned only in the required courses can be applied towards fulfillment of degree requirements. Plagiarism or representing the work of another as one’s own work, preparing work for another that is to be used as the other’s own work. Cheating knowingly and willfully falsifying or manufacturing data and representing the work to be the result of one’s own research and experimentation knowingly furnishing false information to a CBIFT official about academic matters, constitute grounds for disciplinary action expulsion from CBIFT.

Code of Conduct

CBIFT is committed to the right of all students. All students attending CBIFT are responsible for maintaining a free, fair and safe environment. Any individual or group who infringes upon action or combination of action by an individual or a group that hinders or obstructs regular and smooth functioning of CBIFT will be in violation of the code of conduct and is liable to be expelled from CBIFT.

Acts of academic dishonesty, disobedience, deception, indecent behavior, social or personal misconduct, misuse of equipment, damage to property, theft, possession and use of weapons, possession of drugs and controlled substances constitute violations of the code of conduct for which one, or a combination of penalties of fines, loss of privileges, temporary suspension, dismissal from program and expulsion from CBIFT may be imposed.